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Region - Africa - Beautiful Global
Region – Africa – Beautiful Global

Africa has its own identity in the world. Covering 30,221,532 km2 area African is the second largest continent according to area and population. It has 54 countries having a great diversity in all aspects of life. It has a record of having more than 50% of its population young.

Africa has a great importance in the all human history witnessed by fossils found there which had been announced as 7 million years old and according to some anthropologists Africa is the place where human were originated and they used to be scattered in the whole world thousands of years ago.

Africa is famous as the hottest area in the world having its maximum surface covered by deserts. One of its countries Libya got the highest temperature ever and was recorded 58 degree Celsius in 1922. It has the diverse wildlife including elephants, camels and giraffes etc. the people of Africa belong to Niger-Congo family mostly but there are also Nilotic and Swahili people along with many other small groups.

It has a big compound of different languages. Islam was introduced here in 7th century which bought Arabic languages to the region. The old culture of African people had been ignored for many years resulting into its disappearance.  Egypt and Egyptians had a great hand in the human history including the science and architecture.

The modern discoveries had made the area attractive to not only the tourists but to the researchers about also. The great pyramids of Egypt had been considered as the wonders of the world for many years.

The great Victoria Falls, fish river Namibia, national park of Tanzania, great sand dunes of sossusvlei and the big hole in South Africa, Masai Mara famous for its wildlife, avenue of baobabs, red city of Marrakesh and Kilimanjaro are the famous tourist attraction sites visited by millions of people every year from around the globe.

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