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Most of the people use USA, some says US and others love to say America. It is the combination of 48 states having a population of more than 320 million people. Washington D.C is the capital of America and its largest city is New York With federal presidential constitutional form of government. It got independence from the British rulers in 4 July 1776.

America is a complex of more than one cultures including Africa’s, Britain’s and some traces from Asian cultures. America is world’s first super power who developed the necular weapons during World War 2. Now America is the largest economy in the world. America has faced the terrible terrorism attack on the world trade center in 2001 in the area of lower Manhattan.

The first Americans came from Siberia almost 15000 years ago. Many Europeans migrated to America and settled there forever. The first Americans were cultivators but now America is the largest manufacturer of different products almost in every field and has a leading role in science and technology. America is rich in wildlife having thousands of species including eagles. It has more than parks and has various visiting sites. The people of America are mostly white along with Africans and Asians but it has also some other races. English is the most speaking language but in some areas people use Spanish and French etc.

America is a country of religious freedom where anyone can practice his religion but 79% of the total population belongs to Christianity. The America has various landmarks such as Grand canyon, yellow stone national park, Golden gate bridge, Walt Disney world, statue of liberty, Smokey mountains national park, Niagara falls, metropolitan museum of Art, Alcatraz island, white house, empire state building, Disney land, Florida keys, Washington monument, museum of modern art, hoover Dam and many more.


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