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The largest continent on the earth is Asia with a population of 4,164,252,000 living in 48 different countries with their own culture, identity, faith and civilization. Asia is the house of many spiritual rituals, Gods and religions. Asia is surrounded by three oceans called Artic, Pacific and Indian Ocean.

Asia has variable climate in its different regions such as monsoon rains in some areas, cold and cool climate and hot in Middle East Asia. Asia is the second largest economic hub having dominating multinational companies where its country China is the top ranked having a GDP of 11,211,928. It is rich in minerals, gem stones and natural resources.

Asia is full of different languages. Every country has its own local and regional languages along with one national language. It has people belonging to various beliefs and religions such as Islam, Hinduism, judies and Christianity.

Asia has hundreds of landmarks such as the great wall in China, famous Mughal construction the Taj mahal, the highest peak Mount Everest in Nepal followed by three main mountain ranges of Himalaya, Karakorum and Hindukash, the very old mosques in Afghanistan, the Karakorum highway in north of Pakistan, ST. Basil’s church in Russia, summer palace in china, Baggan temples in Myanmar, Temple of emerald Buddha and the grand palace in Thailand, Mehrangarh fort and golden temple in India, monjodaroo site in Pakistan and the ancient constructions in all over sub-continent. Beside these many areas of this continent have been serving as tourist attracting sites.

Asia is also having great conflicts in its history among which the most famous are Mahabharat, the indo-pak wars, fights with British, the soviet attacks on Afghanistan, the Syrian civil war and many more. Every corner of Asian has its own historical story related to the religion, culture and ruling.


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