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Europe - Beautiful global
Europe – Beautiful global

The adjacent continent to Asia is the continent of Europe the western world. Europe is at the 6th smallest continent of the earth covering only 2% area.

It has 50 countries among which Russia is the largest. Europe plays an important role in the world in all aspects including politics, cultural affairs, recreation and tourism, and religious functions. One of the dominant cultures of the world “western” has been emerged from the cities of Europe. In 18th century Europe faced the great industrial revolution which changed the overall shape of the culture and economy of the continent especially in the Britain.

Many of the European countries had been ruling on a large surface of the earth including some countries of Asia. The world wars affected this continent a lot which resulted into loss of its prominence in the world after which United States of America with its rising nuclear power and Soviet Union emerged as the super powers of the world and the Europe have had to go down.

This decline of the European countries gave birth to European Union a family of European countries.

The Greek culture plays parental role in the formation of European civilization contributing to way of living, language and religion. Europe is one of the safe places for the wildlife through its council Bern Convention. Europe is economically most strengthening region of the world. It has the wealthiest country of the world that is Monaco declared by the World Bank.

The religion of Europe is Christianity with other small minorities but religion had a great influence on this area as it had been fighting many wars in the way of religion whose best example is the “Crusades”. European language is a combination of Latin and German languages and so as with its culture with traces of many others.


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