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Saneeta Baig

Age: 21

Saneeta is a student belongs to the Karimabad hunza situated in the northern areas of Pakistan. She entered into the IT world during her college studies in 2013 with a project by European Union and the GIZ called learn to earn through internet and become the most successful graduate of the project.

At her initial stage she worked as an eBook developer on freelancing site up work but very soon after realizing all the aspects of online work and due to her keen interest in writing she quit the field of e-publishing and started working as a web content writer.

She has now the skills of eBooks development including html and css, e-marketing and digital advertising and writing including web content writing about any topic, article writing, product description and many more. Writing is not her profession but it is her interest. She has been writing for various sites including beautifulglobal.com