A Foodie Guide: Best Foods You Must Try in the New York City

There are people out there like myself who have food stuck in their head – all they can think about is delicious foods and their mouth-watering aroma. It is estimated that it will take up and above 23 years to try each restaurant in NYC. If we talk about specifics, food is essential after air and water. Without it these three and few more elements, there will be no life on Earth. Food, in a general sense, comprises of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats as significant constituents.

However, vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients as smaller modules. Whether it’s a protein or trivial mineral intake, each component is beneficial for us to maintain our health and endure harsh atmospheric pressures. NYC is a humongous city with numerous art galleries, shopping arcades, food stalls and restaurants, sightseeing, etc. If you’re a tourist, be prepared to have an overwhelming feeling as soon as you step outside the airport.

Best Foods To Try In NYC

Best Foods To Try In New York City

NYC is a place rich in everything – food, history, people, sites, etc. A city where people love to try eccentric cuisines, enjoy a hot meal, and live their lives to its fullest. There are foods and restaurants which you must try, irrespective of you are a tourist or a resident. We have hand-picked these foods and restaurants which burst open your taste buds as soon as you dig your teeth in it.

1.     Bagels

Home to the finest bagels around the world – this food is a must-try. Bagel is a fine-looking item: boiled then baked, appropriately dense, with a lustrous, cracking coating and spongy innards that, when fresh, would never require warming. There are bagel shops all around NYC, but not every bagel, is New York’s original. One of the humblest, yet most refined foodstuffs found in NYC is perhaps one that would never come to the vanguard of mind.

NYC is eminent for its construal of the customary bagel to the world. You can get a bagel in anything such as sweets or savory, similar to a sandwich. A touch of classics in what distinguishes bagel from everything else. Ess-A-Bagel, Best Bagel, The Bagel Hole, etc. are the best bagel stops in NYC. Discount voucher codes are available as loyalty for regular customers as well as for tourists.

2.     Bacon, Egg, and Cheese

Original NYC’s breakfast is greasy – you will feel your stomach filling from the richness of oil and mayonnaise. A greasy and creamy breakfast consisting of egg, cheese, and bacon. This breakfast is NYC’s signature, be it from a bodega or deli, and it should be your stopover for breakfasts. A little breakdown of this impressive breakfast is simple: it is merely a sandwich, but have a significant impact on people and especially, on breakfast regime. BEC is there for you – no matter you have nothing to eat at home and came to a café, or when you have the feeling a hangover and want to get some food in your system. Angela’s Sandwich Shop, Eggs Travaganza, Pickler & Co., etc. BEC is your food in mornings.

3.     Burgers and Sandwiches

There are countless types of people in NYC, and each one of them has different taste and opinions about things, be it food, politics, education, etc. When opinions regarding food are asked, each one differs from the other; be it best bagel or sandwiches. In regards to burgers, history is proof that NYC was believed to be a second-rated burger town. With the passage of time, both the city and burgers evolved into something remarkable. Burgers from Bowery Meat Company or Hard Times Sundaesare mouth-watering. Sandwiches from Court Street Grocers or Katz’s Delicatessen have unparalleled tastes.

4.     Coffee

You and I both know coffee is what makes us open our eyes. I don’t think anyone can function without coffee nowadays. Be it a strong coffee with no cream and sugar, or your regular coffee from your favorite café; coffee is coffee. Sipping coffee in one of NYC’s coffee shop will give you a unique experience and relaxation. People are bustling in and out the cafe whole day, women gossiping over a pot of hot, steaming coffee, students gathering over the table and ordering cappuccinos, etc. Yorkafe or Gumption Coffee and many other famous coffee shops in NYC will offer you a wide range of delicious coffee and other add-on’s.

5.     Cheesecake

Hotdogs, bagels, pizza’s, coffee and other food items receive unconditional love, but there is this humble cheesecake which most of us forgets. The history of cheesecake is rich, like itself, but, as time went by, innovations in this food item is eye-opening. From simple cheesecake to multiple variations; if you came to NYC and didn’t try famous cheesecake – believe me, your trip is incomplete. From Junior’s in Downtown Brooklyn or Eileen’s Special cheesecake – the Italians declare of creating a pizza, the Jews bagels, the Germans hot dogs, but cheesecake belongs to NYC.

6.     Steak

When it comes to dining in an old-fashioned way, NYC is not short of that either. With white table-cloths and napkins, mahogany tables, aromatic atmosphere, and perfect cutlery; NYC is full of premium quality steakhouses. New York is a meat-loving town—take a look at the city’s most excellent BBQ, best burgers, and other meaty foodstuffs as a proof. But, we really outshine when steaks are in consideration. A steak knife held in your fist, titillating hunk of beef in a puddle of its own nectars,  and when the waitstaff serves you the sizzling steak, you will feel like your plate arrives straight from heaven. Peter Luger, Sparks Steak House, etc. are few names which outshine other steakhouses.

7.     Noodles

NYC has and is witnessing a ramen boom (which, candidly, is still hasn’t decelerated), an upsurge in licit Thai diners, the increase in Sichuan food-spots, noodle pivotal of Chinese cuisine, and an outbreak of eateries that focus on the rice noodles of China’s Yunnan region. Noodle geeks are happy living in NYC as there is an abundance of such shops offering affordable noodles to all. These noodles are so delicious that no matter which cuisine’s noodles you try, they taste exquisite. Hao Noodle and Tea by Madam Zhu’s Kitchen, Yiwanmen, Spicy Village, etc. are the best and most delicious noodle shops you can find in NYC, easily.

In a Nutshell

If you are a tourist visiting NYC, make the most of utilizing your vacation by tasting some of the top places to eat in NYC. Everything you will be served from these restaurants: be it a breakfast menu, lunch, steak, or any burger; don’t forget to take pictures for your Instagram and Facebook. Food in NYC is as beautiful as the beaches and sightseeing places.

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