A Person Still Alive Who Don’t Drink Drop Of Water From 3 Years

Water is essential for life, but the United States is a man in New York Who did not even have a drop of water or a liquid form last 3 years which is nevertheless still completely healthy.

A Person Still Alive Who Don't Drink Drop Of Water From 3 Years

A Person Still Alive Who Don’t Drink Drop Of Water From 3 Years

According to the American media since May 2012 young man named Peter fylak don’t have water, juice, milk or drop of liquid, which is still fully recovered yet that Peter fylak raw vegetables and fruits in your diet which use their water needs are filled. Three years ago, Peter has stopped drinking water and soft drinks and chocolate milk drink, but gradually abandoned it and now they do not drink any liquids. Chemicals like chlorine and fluoride in the water beneficial for the body and the third party, they know many things about myself and started experiments on the lifetime alcohol was also determined .
New York resident Peter fylak wish he lived 150 years and is a barrier to water and now they are saying goodbye to a thousand calories daily use 800. They say that they do not sweat and body odor nor does he recommend to others that they will not adopt the habits of knowledge proceed by itself. Doctors and other experts consider crucial to the water and say, heart, brain, kidneys, blood and other bodily functions that water is the fuel for the engine and dehydration cause physical damage But Peter fylak naturally seem contrary to doctors and specialists.

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