Ahmad Shah Durrani Mausoleum



The Ahmed Shah Durrani’s Mausoleum also called the tomb of the great king Ahmed shah Durrani known as “pearl of pearls” and the founding emperor of Durani empire which now known as the Afghanistan.

It has been built in the year 1972 in the heart of one of the major cities of Afghanistan, Kandahar and stands till now as one of the famous tourist destination and landmarks of the world.

Structure and construction of the tomb is a symbol of ancient Afghani architecture based on Muslim’ way. It is having the dome in sky-blue greenish color dome with tiles and designed pillars called “minar” around it representing the Muslim way of construction and civilization in an octagonal shape.

There is a statement on the tomb in the memory of the king explaining his bravery, way of good governance. The tomb is surrounded by many other tombs.

The place of the tomb is covered by small trees and bushes showing a beautiful location. There is a mosque in front of the mausoleum which has been used for the special Friday prayer.

It has a large chamber decorated with marble in which there is a holy religious antique of Islam “A coat called kherqa” about which it is the saying that it belongs to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which had been given to the Ahmed Shah Durrani by the ruler of Bukhara and has been kept there secretly over years.

With the tomb there is also the helmet of Durani in a glass container and at the end there is a piece of his cloths a relic for his lovers.

This attracts a number different people from far away countries including the religion lovers, history researchers and the tourists etc. This makes a huge gathering there every year.




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