Aldar Headquarters Building , UAE

Facts on Aldar Headquarters Building shared over here. Do you know that it is the first one circular building which is present in this region of Middle East, it is true! This building is located right in Al Raha. It is with the help of diagonal grid and pattern of steel that the style and shape of this building have attained! It is also with the use and support of this structural diagrid patterns that this circular shape of the structure has achieved.

This Aldar Headquarters Building has 12 passenger elevators, and it has one service elevators. Then this building comprises of 3 monospace in form elevators and one circular in form hydraulic lift. It has two dumbwaiters. As this building is present in a circle shape and some half of the circle embedded in the ground.

The other name of Aldar Headquarters Building is coin building. So do you want to visit this circular and coin-shaped building? If yes then do it right now! This building shape is one of the most captivating looking ones, and it seems quite creative regarding its style and form.

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