Amber Room, Russia

This Amber Room, Russia is also called as Yantarnaya Komnata. It is one of the world-famous chambers which is decorated all in amber panels and also backed and covered with gold leaf. This room is covered with mirrors and this site is located in Catherine Palace of Tsarskoye Selo which is near Saint Petersburg.  It was constructed during 18th century phase,

Note that the original one Amber Room, Russia, it got completely dismantled and then eventually it got disappeared during this world war II. It was called as eight wonder of the world at that time before it got disappeared. It was in between time of 1979 and 2003 that a reconstruction phase was started in this room. Many amber craftsmen like Gottfried Wolfram and Schluter and also Wolfram, they worked on this room until the time of 1707.

This Amber Room, Russia gone under bunch of renovations and it covers over 55 square metres area. It contains over 6 tonnes of amber. The current one whereabouts of this rooms still remained a mystery for us. Then in year 1979, more efforts were actually undertaken so that this room can be rebuild at Tsarskoye Selo. In year 2003, reconstruction of Amber Room was done and inaugurated at Catherine Palace.

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