Big Ben, England

Do you know that the nickname of Big Ben, England is Great Bell, it is right! It is the clock located in England, and it placed at the north end site of Palace of Westminster London. The tower where this Big Ben is situated is named as Elizabeth Tower. Augustus Pugin has designed this tower. It planned mainly in a neo-gothic kind of style.

This Big Ben clock is one of the biggest and also one of the most accurate striking clocks present in this world. It stands at almost 315 feet. It is 96 meters tall. It comprises of 334 steps. Note that its base is square. Its dials are of 23 feet in their diameter. During the time of 31st May 2009, this tower celebrates its 150th anniversary.

Big Ben is the most massive bell, and it weights 13.5 long tons.  This clock makes use of its Victorian mechanism. On the other hand, an electric motor also installed in it just for the backup purpose. This clock recognized in the entire world. Tower where this clock placed, it is the symbol of parliamentary democracy.

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