Blue Mountains In Australia – Dramatic Scenery

The Blue Mountains is a famous mountainous area situated in central parts of the Sydney Basin in New South Wales, Australia. It is a popular place for travel, see sighting, rock hikers, bike riders and trekkers as well as canyoneering. The World Heritage List engraved The Blue Mountains on its list on 29 November 2000 by UNESCO. It became the fourth area in New South Wales that was listed among the 15 World Heritage places also scoring a place at the National Heritage List on 21 May 2007.

Blue Mountains In Australia - Dramatic Scenery - Beautiful Global
There are two smaller mountain ranges in Blue Mountain area, The Bell Range which is located near the, The Bells Line of Road and the Explorer Range, situated around south of the Grose River. The other smaller mountain ranges include the Woodford Range, Mount Hay Range, Paterson Range, Erskine Range, and Caley Range. The Blue Mountains also consists of numbers of peaks, around 1,000 meters surrounded by the range.

Over 400 different kinds of animals dwell in the Blue Mountains region. Various forms of rare mammal species are found like koala, potoroo, quoll and the yellow-bellied glider also including some rare species of reptiles, such as the Blue Mountain water skink. A wild species of dogs called dingo are also reside in the dense mountainous area.

Blue Mountains In Australia - Dramatic Scenery - Beautiful Global

Eucalyptus forest is the biggest natural vegetation of the range. It presents the blue misty look of the mountainous range emitting oil in form of clouds. Plant life is similarly present on the edges of the plateau around its cliffs. It have a pleasant tropical rain forest surrounded by sheltered gorges.

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