Botafogo, Brazil

Here we have tourist related facts for you about Botafogo, Brazil. It is one of the beachfront neighborhoods which is located and present in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This community and neighborhood belong to the upper middle class and also to the small commerce communities. You can reach and find this neighborhood in between these hills of Mundo Novo and Dona Marta and Sao Joao.

It is after the name of Joao Pereira de Sousa Botafogo that this site name Botafogo, Brazil has been named after! When he went to Brazil so that he can make a living over there, then this Portuguese crown gave and granted him with this land. This land is now named as Botafogo. Its meaning is set it on fire.

If you are in Botafogo, Brazil then you should check its beach site. This beach lies within premises of this Guanabara bay. This beach has been sheltered from this Atlantic ocean. Other attractions of this neighborhood, they are Villa Lobos museum. This place is a home of football sports. It has its own multi-sports club. More we will share history related facts about this Brazilian neighborhood.

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