Burj Khalifa , UAE

Here is the info on Burj Khalifa. Note that this structure used to be known as with the name of Khalifa tower. It is a mage tall in form skyscraper building which located in Dubai. It has a total height estimation of about 2722 feet, and its roof height is of 828 meters. Do you know that this structure used to be one of the tallest structures so far in the whole world until the time of 2008?

You can call Burj Khalifa with the name of Burj Dubai. This building is the tallest building present and located in the United Arab Emirates. When it had its 3rd anniversary during the year of 2011, then its name was changed to Burj Khalifa.

It was in 2004 that the construction of this Burj Khalifa started. Its exterior site completed in 5 years. It was in 2010 that this tallest building structure opened in the year of 2010. This building is overall designed by the man Adrian Smith. This building has so far received and got many awards. We are sure by reading these interesting facts, and you will be eager to visit Burj Khalifa as soon as possible.

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