Canoa Quebrada, Brazil

This Canoa Quebrada, Brazil is also known with the title of the pearl of the east coast of Ceara. It is one of the international standard tourist beach resorts, it is 164 km away from Fortaleza and you will find this beach resort right in the municipality of Aracati. It is a small fishing village, it has dunes and to cliffs it. You can catch up good views over here. This beach resort is now becoming quite popular among all tourists. Its main street is packed with options for accommodation and many restaurants. You will find many shops on this main street.

This main street of Canoa Quebrada, Brazil, it is popularly called with the name of ‘Broadway, and the real name of this main street is “Rua Dragao do Mar”. This name is given because of the honor and respect are given to Francisco Jose do Nascimento. He was the hero of that abolitionist movement that took place in Ceara. This movement was started in 1881 and he did not allow to transport and sold slaves to any country.

This Canoa Quebrada, Brazil has been rated highly by this Tourism Authority of Ceara. It is the important tourist site after Fortaleza. You can do outdoor activities like horse riding you can enjoy mountain biking and sandboarding.

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