Christ The Redeemer, Brazil

This Christ The Redeemer, Brazil is a statue which is created by French sculptor named as Paul Landowski and it is built by the engineer named as Heitor da Silva Costa Brazil along with the collaboration of this French engineer named as Albert Caquot. Talking about the heights of this statue, it is 38 meters or you can say 125 ft tall.

This Christ The Redeemer, Brazil is basically an art deco statue and this statue is of Jesus Christ. This statue was constructed in between the times and years of 1922 till 1931. Its arms are of 28 meters in its width. This status has the weight of 635 metric tons and it is exactly located at peak of Corvocado mountain. This mountain is located at this Tijuca forest national park.

This Christ The Redeemer, Brazil has become an important symbol of the religion Christianity. It is all across in this world that this statue is widely famous. This status is one of the cultural icons of Brazil. Do you know that this statue is included in the latest and current list of seven wonders of the world, it is true?

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