Curonian Spit, Russia

This Curonian Spit, Russia is a national park which is in Russia. This park mainly covers this Russian-owned southern and curved Curonian Spit which is 98 km long. This spit is a sort of deposition sandbar. Do you know that this spit makes a separation of salt-water from Baltic Sea and freshwater from Curonian Lagoon, it is true!

This Curonian Spit, Russia is a UNESCO world heritage site and note that it also shared by mainly two countries and regions. Talking about the foundations of this spit, they were created right about 15,000 BCE. They were created in the form of receding glaciers at the left side of Baltic Sea behind. And then dunes of Curonian were built right on the glacial moraine.

These large dunes are build up by the actions of the sea and also by the actions of wind. This Curonian Spit is one of the highest top biodiversity areas because many ecological communities are in close proximity to each other. This Spit is to the second longest spit so far in the world. More info Curonian Spit will come up, so stay tuned and do check this site if you have your trip to Russia in coming days.

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