Dartmoor, England

Note that this Dartmoor, England is an area which situated right new to the side of south Devon. It is an area and part of moorland. It has protected by the National park. This area spread over 368 square miles. The granite which is present and found in this area usually dates back from the period of Carboniferous period. This area packed with much geological history.

This Dartmoor, England area covered with the number of exposed and capped granite hilltops. These hilltops are named as tors. These hilltops give habitat for this Dartmoor wildlife. Its highest point is these High Willhays. These Willhays are 2037 feet right above the sea level.

This entire one Dartmoor, England is rich in archaeology as well as in antiquities. Dartmoor national park authority cares this area. Its 22 members take care of it. Some part of this area is used for military firing, and it is since 200 years that this practice is going on. It is massively because of its myths and legendary facts that this area has become much popular. This area has become an inspirational site for many writers and artists.

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