Dolphin Bay , UAE

This Dolphin Bay is one of the sophisticated forms of dolphin habitats. You should visit this site. It is Atlantis The Palm that this site located. It can give you amazing, enriching experience. This bay site is for all ages, and you will find excellent swimming facilities over here. If you want to experience adventurous activities with dolphins, then this is the unique site for you.

In this Dolphin Bay site, you can have fantastic interaction with dolphins. You will take in deep water. So remain confident when you swim down in 3 meters water. You have to be eight years old if you want to get a dive in the pool. Onkl 6 visitors can remain with one dolphin in one single time.

You will get a fun experience while being at this Dolphin Bay site. You will enjoy its thrilling and exciting belly ride. If you are ready to give water hugs, if you are prepared to kiss water and dance with water, then this is the site for you. You will get more exciting information about the bay site from here. By being on this site, you will get complimentary access to waterpark too.

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