Dubai Creek , UAE

For the information, this Dubai Creek is a kind of saltwater creek. It is situated precisely in the premises of city Dubai. This creek usually extends itself right through the site of Persian Gulf. But on the other hand, some of the sources also state and say that this creek extends itself to River Zara. This subjected creek divide the premises of Dubai right into two main sections and categories, and they are named as Bur Dubaj and also Deira.

Note that it was on this Bur Dubai Creek that Bani Yas tribe members used to settle there during the time of 19th century. This creek has always maintained an integral position of Dubai regarding commercial aspect. It is the only port and also the only harbor which is present in this Dubai premises.

The fishing industry of Dubai only based on this Dubai Creek. Its warm and too shallow kind of waters have always supported the vast and extensive variety of marine life. It was in the year 1961 that this creek dredged for the first time. If you visit its Deira side, then you can access to these Deira twin towers which are an older one Dubai Creek tower. You can also visit Sheraton creek and national bank if you are on Deira side of it.

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