Dubai Gold Souk , UAE

Note that this Dubai Gold Souk market is one of the traditional markets we have in city Dubai. You can find this market in the commercial business district which named as Deira. This market comprises of 300 retailers and most of the retailers linked with gold jewelry category.  It estimated in this market, almost 10 tons of gold is present on every single day. Massive range and variety of gold jewelry collection are always expected to see in this traditional market of Dubai.

This Dubai Gold Souk market has been bordered with this Dubai fish marker and too with the Dubai vegetable market. If you are on Old Souk marine station, then this market will just be 5 minutes at a walking distance from you. Gold quality present in this traditional gold market is of exceptional quality.

In this Dubai Gold Souk market, one will mostly see the jewelry traders.  You will find these tons of gold in this market. So for gold jewelry lovers, be in this market and check all variety of gold jewelry pieces. More facts on this Gold Souk market so stay tuned with us.

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