Dubai Miracle Garden , UAE

This Dubai Miracle Garden is one of the fascinating flower gardens in Dubai. It was on the eve of Valentine’s day that this garden launched. Have you visited this garden? This garden filled with love. It was in the 2013 year that this garden opened. This splendid and beautiful looking garden is spread and occupies an area of 72000 square meters. It is the world most extensive flower garden and contains the variety of collection in it.

In this Dubai Miracle Garden, you will find 109 million flowers. It is a natural flower garden, and you can have the fantastic time in this garden. It was in April 2015 that this garden awarded Mosella award. You can enjoy the new garden experience while being over here!

This Dubai Miracle Garden also received Garden tourism award in 2015. It is a miracle garden and formed and created by Dubailand as well as by Dubai properties group destination. The total development cost of this garden project is 11 million dollars. Rest of the attractions which are part of this miracle garden, they are floral clock and presence of peacocks and also a presence of butterfly park.

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