Escadaria Selaron, Brazil

Do you know about any fact on Escadaria Selaron, Brazil, we will tell you over here. It is called with the name of ‘Selaron Steps’ as well and these steps are one of the world-famous and popular steps which are present in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. These steps are the work of Chilean-born artist named as Jorge Selaron, he claimed this work as a tribute given to all of the Brazilian people.

It was in the time of 1990 that Selaron began and started to renovate and rework on these dilapidated steps named as Escadaria Selaron, Brazil. These steps actually ran all along at the front side of his house. When he started doing this renovation then all his neighbors mocked and make fun of him. He covered these steps right in the fragments of blue colored tiles and green colored tiles and also with yellow colored tiles.

All these colors are the colors of the Brazilian flag. This was just a side-project that was completed by this main. But later on, this side project become a passion for him. He used to sell his paintings so that he can work on his side project. It was one of exhausting works which he carried out. He covered these whole steps with tiles, ceramics and too with mirrors. More info on Escadaria Selaron, Brazil will come.

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