Few Tips in Order To Enjoy Your Trip to India

A Rare Sketch of the Country of Diversity

India is regarded as the country of diversity. This country of diversity is diverse in several ways. First of all talking about the geographical area, India is the 7th largest country of the world having an area of 3,287,469 square kilometres.

Secondly, considering the culture of India, it is an ancient country with hundreds, India is practiced here. It was the center of Mughal Dynasty and thus Muslim culture is diverse. In addition, India possess square kilometres majority of Hinduism,therefore Hindu culture is dominant in this region.

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It is also a well-known fact that the British ruled this land for about a century, so there is also an influence of British culture

So, it can be said that India is a merger of various cultures that flakes away a single stable identification denoting Indian Culture. More than 7 religions including Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism and Christianity are present in India which makes it afragmented Cultural region.

It is called the country of diversity because of the diverse climatic conditions.Along with four seasons, two more climatic zones of Monsoon season makes itsclimate diverse.  

Visiting India can be a challenge for you, only in that case if you don’t observe the precautionary measures.

Few Tips in order to enjoy trip to India

Let’s talk about the things required to visit this diverse land and we’ll keenly get through the valuable tips to make your trip more enthusiastic and joyful.

These few tips can be of great value if considered and can add fuel to fire in your get through recreation.

A legal Passport and Visa along with several Photocopies

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It is a matter of general understanding that you first and foremost need to be conscious about the legal passport and Visa, otherwise your journey ends before taking a start. After making it sure that you have an authentic and legal passport as well as visa, make several carbon copies of them, as they may be used during your stay in India.

You can roam about keeping the copies of your original documents. For, they can be lost on frequent holding them with you on your before taking places.

After making all these things ready, go to search for an appropriate flight to India and booked that in advance to avoid any problem afterwards.  

Packing your bag in accordance to the need

The next problematic situation arises that what to pack for going to such a place which can be totally opposite to your homeland? It is needed to know in which season you are traveling. If you are going to visit northern areas of India, then definitely pack some warm stuff.

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And, if you are traveling in summers make sure the dress should be light but proper. Indian are conservative people and it is better to wear the dress according to that culture, to avoid awkwardness.

but proper off chance, your luggage exceeds the limit, no need to fear about anything, there are several online companies, send traveling courier to India at much cheaper rates than the airline. can save your extra cost on excess weight in the airport.

Booking Hotel in advance secure your Hectic roam

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It can be beneficiary in two ways of booking a hotel in advance. One is, it can save your time and the second is, it can save your energy. If you don’t book your hotel in advance you have to wander here and there along with your luggage to find out a suitable hotel for your stay. Booking in advance can help you to choose the best hotel nearer to your places of visit and low prices are offered online.

Time, money and energy can be saved in a booking hotel room in advance for your shelter in a foreign place.

Leave the media image of India casted in front of you

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Indian media is always striving to add spice to their news, by exposing the negative aspects of India, which people of India are more curious to know. So, what you have cast a dreadful image of India, just shake it off and let yourself to assume which type of land India is. Media only provides one side of picture but you can expose the second side by your own.

India is a beautiful place, its people are quite friendly, and as far as bad and tricky people are concerned, they are present almost in every community and India is with no exception. So, try to rely on your abilities to frame India as a peaceful country or a disastrous one.

Little or no expectations leads to excess enjoyment

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When you make an image of some place in your mind before going to visit it, your imagination can take you to an ingenious land, which can only be imagined, eventually when that particular land comes in front of you in reality and doesn’t meet the extent of your imagination and expectations, you are most likely to be greatly disappointed.

To be saved from such disappointment, you must not expect anything. Just go for it and let the place makes its own pleasant effect in your heart after the visit. 

Visiting Local events and functions

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If you are curious to know about the culture and traditions of Indian, it is highly recommended that you must attend the traditional, religious and local events or functions. A Hindu wedding can be a great surprise for you, as it engulfs strange beliefs and acts but all of them are quite enthusiastic.

In the same way, Indians have a strong family system unlike European countries, and they use to celebrate an event named as Raksha Bandhan which literally means secure bonding, celebrated on the full moon day, this festival rejoices the bond between brothers and sisters. On this day, siblings tie a shining cord around each other’s wrists to represent this bond, and there are typical merriments that are the give-and-take of sweets, and rakhi bands.

Enjoying the tradition of Haggling

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When doing some shopping, you are advised, not to worry if the shopkeeper demands a high price than the actual price of the article. Indians practice a traditional debate that is bargaining to lower the price of anything. Remember that in India no object has a fixed price, it can fluctuate more than half, sometimes.

So, don’t consider it a disgrace, in fact it is a part of tradition. I hope you’ll enjoy this debate and they will even give you honour of adopting their customs.

Do follow the religious values visiting holy places

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As mentioned before, there are several religions practiced in India, there are also numerous religious monuments to visit. But before visiting, you have to keep it acknowledged to follow the religious restriction of that particular religion.
If you do respect them, you’ll be given respect and if you don’t, then definitely expect a strong restraint entering the spiritual place.  

Don’t get confused on being stared and questioned

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It is a habit of most of the Indian people to stare at the stranger. Here you won’t find people minding their own businesses rather they will enjoy taking interest in your matters and personal affairs. They would likely to ask you illogical and non-sense questions.

So, be prepared for this all. What you have to do is, keep yourself as cool as you can. Avoid trusting people and if someone constantly irritates you, leave the place immediately without encountering any sort of debate.

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