Fraser Island, Australia

Let’s take you on the trip to one of the well-known places in Australia! Yes, we are talking about Fraser Island in Australia. This place has been listed in the heritage list as being part of the southeastern coast of the state of Queensland, Australia. This place is about at the distance of 50 kilometers towards the side of the north of the state capital named as Brisbane. It has the length of about 120 kilometers and it has the width that is about 24 kilometers.

This place becomes the part of the World Heritage Site as in the year 1992. This place island is also known out to be one of the largest sand islands that are spread over the area of about 1840 km. It is one of the largest islands in the area of East Coast of Australia.

This island has been captured to be put in the richness of the rain forests all along with the mangrove forests and even the sand dunes. This place has the abundance of the plant life as because of the mycorrhizal fungi that are being present in the sand. It has been all the more being protected into the great and amazing Sandy National Park.

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