Freycinet National Park, Australia

Freycinet is one of the popular known national parks that is located in the place of Australia.  This place was founded as in the year 1916 that make it happen to appear as being one of the oldest parks in the place of Australia.  This park has been additionally added with the small adjustment of the bordering with the Coles Bay as well.  It does add upon with the small portion of the coastline too.  Some of the best features of this park come up with the red and pink form of the granite formations right into it.


You will be much excited to catch the Devonian Granite in this park that is the form of a dominant style of the rock material in it. You will even feature out with the black micas as well as white quartz in it as well.  There are almost 49 of the endemic species of the Tasmania that are encountered in this place.

Some mammals are also found here.  Maximum portion of the national park has been all dominated by means of the dry sclerophyll forests all along with the woodlands by means of the coverage of the black peppermint. It includes more than 500 parks.

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