Gorky Park, Russia

This Gorky Park, Russia is a famous central park which is Moscow. It is named and titled after Maxim Gorky. It was in 2011 that this central park underwent a major phase of reconstruction. Do you know that over two thousand square meters of asphalt roadbed got actually laid down right on site of demolished objects, it is true! In this phase of transformation, 1.9 ha of lawns and also flowerbeds, they were laid out too.

This Gorky Park, Russia is loved by all tourists. All of its amusement rides except one which is two deck carousel, they are now removed so that this place and park can be changed into eco-friendly recreational kind of zone. This park has free entry facility. Visitors get a Wi-Fi coverage. All of its latest zones have a contemporary design and culture.

This Gorky Park, Russia is an epicenter of life. It is the first Russian park which is now competing with rest of the leading and famous parks of the world. It has separate zones for kids and children. You can do general skating in this park. Visit this central park and enjoy your time.

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