Guanabara Bay, Brazil

Note that this Guanabara Bay, Brazil is a famous oceanic bay. It is located right in this Southeast Brazil and in the state of Rio de Janeiro. If you will be on the western shore of this oceanic bay then you will catch this glimpse of the city of Rio de Janeiro and also Duque de Caxias. When you will be on the eastern shore of this oceanic bay, then you will catch the glimpse of cities of Niteroi and too Sao Goncalo. Do you know that four more municipalities are being surrounded with this oceanic bay shore, it is true!

This Guanabara Bay, Brazil is so far the second largest bay which is located in this area of Brazil. It is spread on an area of 412 square kilometers and this oceanic bay comprises a perimeter of 143 kilometers. This bay is about 31 kilometers long and it is 28 kilometers wide. Its mouth is about 1.5 kilometers wide.

This Guanabara Bay, Brazil had been first encountered by this team of Europeans on the date of January 1, 1502. It has more than and over 130 islands in it which are dotted around this bay. In the recent years, the marine ecosystem of this bay had been severely intensely damaged.

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