Harrods Limited, England

Know about some interesting facts about Harrods Limited, England from here. Note that it is a luxurious one departmental store and is located on this Brompton road. This store is now owned and managed by the state of Qatar. It is these Harrods group of companies that this brand Harrods come after!

This Harrods Limited, England spread on the 5-acre acre. This store consists of 330 departments. Their motto states as, all things for all people everywhere. Its well known and popular departments are Christmas department and too food halls. In its 330 departments, you will see such a vast and broad range of services and products. From this store, you can have the variety of women clothing, children clothing items and also items of men clothing.

This Harrods Limited, England has other items in its departmental store, vast collections of beauty items, toys and food, home appliances and housewares, packaged gifts and furniture items- all are available over here. On its peak days, this store visited by almost 300,000 customers, it is true! Its highest proportion of customers comes from the category of non-English speaking people.

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