Hermitage Museum, Russia

This Hermitage Museum, Russia is the most famous museum which has collections of paintings and art and culture in it. It is located in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It is the 2nd largest museum in the whole world. It came into and constructed in the year of 1764.

It was in the year of 1852 that this Hermitage Museum, Russia was opened to the public. Talking about its collections, this museum comprises and contain three million items. It has the largest and massive collections of paintings in it. This museum has 6 buildings in it and five of them are open to the public. The names of these buildings are Winter Palace and Small Hermitage and Old Hermitage, then we have New Hermitage and too Hermitage theatre.

This Hermitage Museum, Russia remain closed during Mondays. Its Western European Art collection comprises of European paintings and sculpture as well as applied art that dates back from 13th to 20th centuries. It has 120 rooms and Drawings are being displayed in its temporary exhibitions. So, if you want to visit Russia in your summer holidays then you must visit beautiful Hermitage Museum.

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