How many days are ideal for a vacation in Kerala?

Vacations are the time where you take time off your fast running life, chaotic mornings and tired evenings. The time when you truly relax, take a break from the stress cycle of your monotonous life and enjoy your time on this beautiful planet. Vacations are the time when you bond with your family and with your inner soul, where you explore places while exploring yourself. India a country with a vast variety of cultures and geography. This beautiful country enriched with the wonders of nature and diversity of traditions never fails you to provide with the ideal vacation you are looking for. 

How many days are ideal for a vacation in Kerala?

Kerala, also is known as God’s own country is located on the Malabar Coast of India. It is one such state in India that is one of the most favorite vacationing spots in India. Be its unique culture or its scenic beauty, it never fails to amuse its visitors. 

There’s no one best time to visit Kerala as it offers a wide variety of exotic destinations to the vacationers, and most often leaves them confused. Whether to enjoy the boathouses on the emerald backwaters or the long shoreline of calm and serene beaches. Whether to enjoy the lush green hills filled with tea and coffee plantations or exotic wildlife. Whether to go on an adventure or explore the remarkable culture enriched with unique festivals and art forms. Or just go there to taste their exquisite cuisines. Which time is the best time to visit Kerala, and how many days are ideal for a vacation in this beautiful country of God. 

How many days are ideal for a vacation in Kerala

We will help you figure out the places to visit, the best restaurants in Kerala and how many days you’ll require, so you don’t miss out on the wonders this place has to offer.

So, the ideal number of days to be spent in Kerala is seven. Let us help you in understanding how. A 7-day tour of places including Munnar, Kovalam, Thekkady, and Kumarakom. The price of the whole trip would amount up to Rs. 30, 000 or an adult. Contact us before reaching Kerala and we will make sure to fill in your demands of visiting different places and make your vacation joyful.

Why is it that 7 days are considered apt for exploring this beautiful part of the country? It is because you will be able to explore the best of everything in 7 days. Be it the best restaurants in Kerala or the best hotels in Kerala or the best peaceful resort, you will be able to witness the divinity of all.

How many days are ideal for a vacation in Kerala

It is recommended to begin the journey from Cochin (now, Kochi) as it is the most accessible city from any part of the country. We will be happy to be of service. Try spending a day or two visiting the palaces and churches there. 

After having done so, you can next visit Munnar, the tea garden of Kerala, which is the only journey that spans about 4 hours from the city of Kochi. With hills on one side and tea plantations on the other, you will never wish to leave the place. Yes, it is that stunning. 

From Munnar, you have various options to choose from. Love dams and waterfall? Get into a Tata Indica (which is the only means of travel), and reach Thekkady. But if you are more of a beach person and prefer traveling via bus or train, drop the previous option and go to Varkala. Since it takes around six hours to reach Varkala from Munnar, book a hotel room in advance and enjoy a pleasant stay.

How many days are ideal for a vacation in Kerala

Are you tired already? If not, wake up the next day pack your bags and find yourself at a place that has everything from lakes to sanctuaries, from meadows to Ayurveda spa. A famous tourist destination spot, Kumarakom will leave you awestruck. And it is only going to take you about three hours from both Thekkady and Varkala. 

 After Kumarakom, end your vacation in the beach town of Kovalam or Alappuzha (former name, Alleppey). The calm and solitary beaches will make you realize the importance of taking vacations once in a while. Alappuzha is known for its houseboat tours as well as sunset views. Kovalam, on the other hand, has Palm Beach linings guiding you to the beaches whose exquisiteness is unmatchable. The decision is yours. But whatever your choice might be, you will have the journey of a lifetime for sure.

After completing all the trips and travels, you might want to check into a decent staying place and have a fresh cup of filter coffee. We have hotels handcrafted for you in Kochi, Munnar, Thekkady and even in Kovalam. We understand that vacations mean a lot to you and hence, we make sure to make it even more memorable.

How many days are ideal for a vacation in Kerala

We have various services to offer. Ayurveda centers and spa, some of the best hotels in Kerala as well as a special honeymoon package for you and your loved one. 

After delving into the details of all the cities in Kerala, anyone would start falling for the place. A state with a 100 percent literacy rate, lush green valley, pure water bodies, and wonderful people should be added to your bucket list immediately. 

Then, there exists a question as to the expenses involved. It is never an expensive vacation if planned properly. If all the tickets are booked in advance and hotel rooms are confirmed before stepping foot in Kerala, you will be able to save a huge amount of money and use it for excursions provided by Kerala. Or, maybe on food?

How many days are ideal for a vacation in Kerala

In a nutshell, vacations, as stated earlier, is required by anyone and everyone out there. Some people hate the idea of creating an itinerary for the trips or are unable to decide on the number of days necessary for a trip. It can all be managed if a little time is spent on the internet or talking to friends who have already been to the place (or places), you are now planning to visit. This will assist you in counting the number of days essential for discovering the place as well as forming a to-do list. Calculating costs would not be difficult too.

So, keep your work aside this Sunday, sit with your family or friends and decide the place you are visiting next. If it is Kerala, the above-mentioned description of the number of days ideally spent in Kerala, one of the top tourist destinations in India might be able to provide you with some insight. Are you planning to visit God’s own country, Kerala anytime soon?

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