Hunter Region, Australia

The Hunter Region is also popularly known by the name of Hunter Valley as well. It is located in the place of New South Wales in the destination of Australia.  It has been all extending into the timeline distance of about 120km to the 310 km as in view with Sydney. This place has been taking into account the Hunter River all along with the highlighted areas that are falling into the north and south. This Hunter Valley has been known out to be one of the largest valley rivers in the area of NSW Coast.

In the Hunter Region almost, 55% of the population has been living around in the cities of the Lake Macquarie and also in the Newcastle. According to the census report of 2011, the population of this region was counted to be 620,530.

The water supply source to this valley is merely given out all through by a variety of the sources that are all to be managed by means of the Hunter Water and State Water Corporations. The supply water is merely used as for the purposes of the industrial and commercial farming uses. This place is simply worth mentioning to visit once.

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