Hyde Park, England

This Hyde Park is one of the registered and significant parks located in Central London. There are entire 4 Royal parks, and among all of them, this Hyde Park is the largest among all of them. Its entrance gets started from Kensington Palace and then reaches to Kensington gardens. This subjected park has been mainly divided into Long Water and Serpentine. Henry VIII created this park during the time of 1536. He took this land from Westminster Abbey and then make it as a hunting ground. Later in the year 1637, this park was opened for public.

It is because of May Day parades that this park becomes more popular and famous. During these early 18th century times, some significant improvements occur in this park. Queen Caroline gave instructions to improve this park further. This park has been the key and prominent site when it comes to free speech events and conducting demonstrations.

Speakers corners established in this park in 1872. At this corner, the public can have their free speech events and debate sessions. Do you know that Chartists and Reform league, then we have suffragettes and Top the War Coalition, all of them conducted their protests in this Hyde Park?

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