Lake District National Park, England

Complete facts on Lake District National Park, United Kingdom, are shared over here. This national park consists of the coastal area. This area was given the name of the National park in the time of 9th May 1951. When Peak District was designated and given the title of United Kingdom first national park, then after a month, this lake district park was too included in the category of UK national parks.

The original boundaries of Lake District National Park, United Kingdom retained till the time of 2016, and then its initial boundaries saw an extension in them later on. Right in the direction and side of Yorkshire Dales national park, boundaries of this subjected park extended.

This Lake District National Park, United Kingdom is one of the most visited national parks in the United Kingdom. Its number of annual visitors reaches 15.8 million in the amount on a per year basis. Then on the yearly day visits, its number reaches to 23 million. Private ownership has occupied most of the land of this national park. 55% of its area came in the registered form and included in the category of agricultural land.

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