Ilha Grande, Brazil

Note that Ilha Grande, Brazil is one of the famous islands. This island is located and situated off the coast in Brazil. This island is the part of the Angra dos Reis municipality. Note that this island which is of 193 km2 (75 sq mi) in its area, it has become one of the popular tourist sites. It is known for its scenic beauty. It has unspoiled kind of tropical beaches in it. This site comprises of luxuriant vegetation and too rugged landscape.

The highest point of this Ilha Grande, Brazil, it is of 1,031 m (3,383 ft). The maximum range of its territory, it lies within the premises of Ilha Grande State Park. This Ilha Grande has become the most important and pristine remnant of this Atlantic rainforest present in Brazil. It has become the richest ecosystem so far present till now. This site has become a hotspot with regard to the aspects of biodiversity and also conservation. This site has been holding the largest remaining and rest of the populations of endangered species.

Also, the seas present around this Ilha Grande, Brazil, they are being heavily protected. This tropical marine life and subtropical as well as temperate-zone marine life, they are properly secured in this island.

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