Jumeirah Beach Hotel , UAE

Have you visited this Jumeirah Beach Hotel? Here are the details before you visit this site. It is a well-known hotel which situated in Dubai. This hotel opened in the year of 1997, and it is officially operated by this Dubai based hotelier. This hotel comprises of almost 598 rooms, and it has well-designed suites in it. Then this hotel also has 19 appealing looking beachfront villas in it, and is packed with 20 restaurants.

This Jumeirah Beach Hotel designed in a wave shape. As this hotel located near to the beach site, that is visitors of this hotel can easily have access to its 33800 square meters beach site. You can visit this Wild Wadi water park too because this splendid looking hotel is closely linked and connected with this waterpark.

This Jumeirah Beach Hotel is 93 meters high, and it has become the 9th tallest building.  This hotel has become a landmark location in all over the world. Though this hotel has not received satisfactory rankings so far still people and tourists love to visit and stay in this hotel.

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