Kensington Palace, England

Have you checked out this Kensington Palace, England? If not then just pack your bags and have a check out of this palace. Note that it is a royal residence and located at the site of Kensington gardens. This palace is a residence for the British royal family, and it is happening since the time of 17th century.

This Kensington Palace, England has currently or presently become the London residence for the Duke of Cambridge. Its staterooms now opened to the public. This palace has managed or controlled by this independent charity firm or organization which named as Historical royal palaces. Note that it is a nonprofit organization and it does not receive and get any public funds.

All of the offices as well as private accommodation which is the part of Kensington Palace, England, they are managed and comes under the responsibility of Royal household. In this beautiful Kensington Palace, England, you will see a large number of paintings linked with Royal collections. When this palace was renovated, then the total cost that put on its renovation was about 7.6 million dollars. So without any doubt it is one of the popular destinations for tourists.

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