Kings Park, Western Australia

King Park is located in Australia. This place is about 4.06-square-kilometer park that is located on the western edge of the central business district in the place of Perth, Western Australia. The park has been gradually taken to be the combination of the grassed parkland, as well as botanical gardens and natural bushland. This park has been rather put together in the one-third portions that conserved as native bushland. It is the home of about 324 native plant varieties, as well as 215 known indigenous fungi species and 80 bird species. This park is the largest park that is located in the inner city places.

It is the most popular visitor destination in Western Australia that has been visited by over five million people each year. This park is often taken as the main place for the purpose of the State War Memorial, as well as the Royal Kings Park Tennis club and also the reservoir.

This amazing park is all set to the richness of the fauna. This park does carry out the hosting of Australia’s largest wildflower show and exhibition known as the Kings Park Festival. It does comprise the botanical garden inside it that is about on the scale of the 18-hectare site.

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