Kunstkamera, Russia

This Kunstkamera, Russia is the first one museum which is in Russia. The founder of this museum is Peter the Great. This museum was completed in the year 1727. Note that this Kunstkammer Building actually hosts Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and also Ethnography that comprises of a collection of 2,000,000 items. This center of the museum is called as Peter the Great Museum since the time of 1903.

More facts regarding Kunstkamera, Russia is here. There used to be separate museums for the department of anthropology and too ethnography. Then on the date of 5 December 1878, all of these centers got merged and fused into a single museum

In the year 1887, this Kunstkamera, Russia got its exhibition premises which are attached to Kunstkamera located in Tamozhennyi pereulok. It was on 23 September 1889 that the first exhibition of this unified Museum had its opening. This museum has a housing of 78 watercolors. Note that foundation stone for this museum was laid down in the year 1719. This name Kunstkamera, it has been derived from German Kunstkammer and its literal meaning is “Art chamber”. So when Kunstkamera museum will be checked by you!

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