Lake Ritsa, Russia

Check out detailed facts on Lake Ritsa, Russia from here. This lake is located in the Caucasus Mountains. This mountain is on the north-western side of Abkhazia, Georgia. These mountains are further surrounded by these mountain forests and also subalpine meadows. This lake water is cold and clear. This lake is surrounded by the mountains having heights of 2,200 to 3,500 meters. So the surface area of this lake is about to be 1.49 km2 and 116 m is its maximum depth.

This Lake Ritsa, Russia is the deepest lake in Georgia, its depth is 116 m and this lake has the massive quantity of trout in it. Its average annual temperature is 7.8 degrees Celsius and its mean annual precipitation is estimated to be 2,000 – 2,200 mm. This lake has snowy winters and its summer times are warm enough.

This Lake Ritsa, Russia is fed mainly by six rivers and it is drained only by one river and it is Iupshara River. This lake is named after a girl Ritsa. She had three brothers and she pastures her animals in that valley. One day, she got kidnapped by some robbers. In between the fight, that girl drowned in the lake and because of grief, her brother all changed into mountains.

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