London Dungeon, England

This popular London Dungeon, England is the popular  and well known tourist attraction site in London. It is alongside the location of London South Bank. This site or location founded in the year of 1976. This location discovered or made Annabel Geddes.

It was from the time of the 1980s till the time of mid-1990s that this popular London Dungeon, England was always evolved to become a site of displaying theatrical shows. Many of the walk through kind of theatrical shows presented and featured on this site.

It was in 2013 that this London Dungeon, England decided to move right from its premises. Previously it was located on Tooley Street, and now it is transferred to County Hall and grouped with rest of the Merlin attractions. This site has almost featured 18 shows as well as 20 actors and too three rides. If you are going to visit this site, then you will be taken on a journey to know about London last 100 years history. All of its shows being staged on appealing theatrical sets and their sets are too made with the special effects incorporation.

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