London Zoo, England

If we talk or discuss about the London Zoo England then it has been carried out to be known as the world oldest  and popular scientific zoos we have so far! It was on 27th April 1828 that this popular zoo was opened to conduct and to carry different scientific studies and researchers. It was in the year of almost 1832 that all of the animals from Tower of London shifted to this zoo. Then in the year of 1847, this beautiful zoo was opened for public  as well. Presently, this London zoo houses and comprise of 698 different species of animals.

This London Zoo, England is managed or controlled by the Zoological Society of London. This well known society established in the year of 1826. The first one women curator of this zoo was Evelyn Cheeseman during the time of 1920. This zoo participates and takes part in many breeding programs. Almost its 130 different species take part in these specific breeding programs.

It was in the beginning or earlier times of the 1990s that this London Zoo, England has 7000 animals. When this announcement or declared made in year 1991 that this popular zoo will close because of the different financial constraints, then the massive number of donations and substantial public support came from the people of England.

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