Martha Vineyard – Massachusetts

Martha Vineyard is an island located at the south Cape Cod Massachusetts. The vineyard is known for being an affluent summer colony and includes smaller Chappaquiddick Island. Both the islands are connected but technically they are separated and again connected due to hurricane and storms.



The place is often called just ‘The Vineyard’. It has an area of around 100 sqm and is the 58th largest island in the United States of America. The island is ranked as the third largest on the Easters coast of the US.

The summer colony is only accessible by boats and through air. The population of the area has increased considerably since 1960s. The population grows by around 1/3rd every decade.



it was also home to earliest known deaf civilization in US.

The climate of the Martha’s island is humid and subtropical. The type of climate is often not found on the eastern coast of America. It is highly influenced by the surrounding Atlantic Ocean, which has a moderate temperature. The island has warmer winters and cooler summers.

The area can be reached by ferry services from Woods hole in Massachusetts and through other ferries from other areas. The steam ship authority operates on shorter routes and for longer routes Rhode Island ferry service is required.



Cape Air provides services between Martha’s Vineyard and other areas. There is a small airport at the Martha’s Vineyard. The service by Cape Air provides visitors from Boston, Hyannis, New Bed ford and other areas to visit the vineyard in summer or winter seasons.



Bus service is also provided on the Island year-round for the visitors, from the airport and port…

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