Mikhailovsky Theatre, Russia

This Mikhailovsky Theatre, Russia is the Russia’s oldest opera house and a ballet house. It was in 1833 that it was founded. It is in a historical building which is located on the Arts Square that this ballet house is present. This theatre house is named after Grand Duke which was Michael Pavlovich of Russia.

In year 2007, this Mikhailovsky Theatre, Russia got its artistic director and he was Obraztsova, he was the artistic director of the department Mikhailovsky Opera. Then Ruzimatov came out to be artistic director of Mikhailovsky Ballet. Then Obraztsova handed his resigned in year 2008, Ruzimatov resigned in year 2009.

Note that the ballet company of this Mikhailovsky Theatre, Russia, they successfully made their London debut in time of July 2008. They had their nomination as the Best Foreign Dance Company Award and this nomination was given by National Dance Awards in year 2008. Then in year 2013, Mikhailovsky Opera made their debut right at Savonlinna Opera Festival. And finally in November, 2014, this Mikhailovsky Ballet made their USA debut at the center of New York’s Lincoln. Right now visit the interesting opera and ballet performances been done in this theatre house.

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