Minack Theatre, England

Let us be talking about the facts on Minack Theatre, England. Note that it is one of the famous open-air theatres. It is constructed right above a rocky granite slope. You can reach this subjected theatre by covering the 4 miles distance right from Land End which located in Cornwall.

It is from May until September that shows displayed in this Minack Theatre, England. This site comes with an entrance fee. Do you know that almost 100,000 people pay this entrance fee just to get the little glimpse of this theatre, it is true! It is one of the spectacular looking theatres, and you should visit it. This theatre was the brainchild and idea of Rowena Cade.

Then in the year 1944, this Minack Theatre, England was used mainly as a location for Gainsborough Studios so that they can shot their film named as Love Story. In 1955, very first one dressing rooms made in this theatre. In the year 1970, this theatre site was managed and cared by Lawrence Shove.  This specific theatre is registered as one of the charitable trusts and run, operated by local management people.

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