Mole Beach, Brazil

This Mole Beach, Brazil is located in this city of Florianópolis, Brazil. This beach has been extending up to 960 meters. And then its width varies and range from 10 m to 120 m. You can mark this beach as one of the best touristic spots of this Florianopolis. This beach is known for its long waves as well as because of its strong waves. This beach is an ideal spot for surfing.

This Mole Beach, Brazil is being frequently visited by the surfers as well as by the gliders. The normal length of this beach waves varies and mainly range from 50 m to 150 m. Its waves are quite fast and too powerful. Waves come from both of the sides, that is from left direction and right direction.

The direction of wind come on this Mole Beach, Brazil from the west side, from the southwest side and from the sides of the northwest. Its swell direction comes from the east side. Its west swell from the range of 1 meter and then can go as high as 2.5 m. More info on this amazing beach will come up.

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