My Trip To Azerbaijan Was An Unforgettable One

Travel can happen for many unforgettable reasons, yet I believe women travellers will always add excitement to their trip regardless of intentions. Personally, my touring never occurs in the form of any vacation. It mostly is an official convention that makes my itchy feet explore the world.

However, my recent travel seems an unforgettable one for the experience I went through.

Do you ever examine a destination before stepping your foot on its lands? My ladies, this is an extremely intriguing fun to do!

My visit to Baku, Azerbaijan is a perfect example because this country shares two amazing continents like Asia and Europe altogether. Yeah! In my opinion, Baku is one of the comfiest spots that women travellers can explore without any hesitation.

Knowing the language of Azerbaijan is not very important while exploring this country of Asia or Europe in my case. During an official trip, you can survive on English alone. Yet, the beauty of this spot can double if you learn a bit of Azeri or Russian.

Things Women Travellers Can Do When Visiting Baku

My Trip To Azerbaijan Was An Unforgettable One

Your travel starts from ‘Where to stay?’ and ends on ‘It was an unforgettable memory!’ when you explore the best travel spots and enjoy cuisine from the best restaurants in Baku.

My convention could have been a boring one nonetheless; with the changing world, we ladies have earned our confidence in sassy manners. Stay in one trustworthy hotel or hostel, and you can realize how things work so efficiently.

I had my stay in Sahil Hostel as it is the perfect backpacker’s spot in Baku. A lady can realise it to be the busiest hotel in town plus affordable and hygienic. Women travellers can always enjoy to their fullest when visiting Baku, Azerbaijan because you can find private rooms here.

It is 600m from the center and has subway access too. You can feel great here for its non-smoking rooms, and free parking turns it into excitement for solo women travellers. The safe stay places combine up as one of the main reasons people use online discount codes from famous travel partners and get straight to Baku.

Best Travel Spots When Visiting Baku, Azerbaijan

My Trip To Azerbaijan Was An Unforgettable One

Of course, being the part of an official convention came up with some limitations for the trip yet, I found myself exploring this capital of one of the most famous spots between Asia and Europe.

The most exciting fact about staying in Sahil Hostel is its tiny distance of only 701m from the Maiden Tower and 1.9Km from the Flame Towers.  You cannot step out of Baku without climbing the roof of Giz Galasi as the locals refer to the Maiden Tower and appreciating the modern architecture of the trio of buildings of the Flame Towers.

Undoubtedly, I was unable to ignore the historical importance of Maiden Tower as it is a landmark that adds most of the fame to Azerbaijan. Soon after mesmerising the Giz Galasi, I believe anyone will appreciate the iconic trio of Baku’s futuristic buildings.

In my opinion, it is the best presentation of fire worship in Azerbaijan across Asia and Europe.

Best Restaurants In Baku For Women Travellers

My Trip To Azerbaijan Was An Unforgettable One

Trust me; you can effortlessly visit some of the best restaurants in Baku and gobble tasty savors. If you have budget trouble, try the Xezer Restaurant and enjoy traditional food all day. Besides this, the Gourmet Pendir & Chorek, known for its fast food all over Azerbaijan is another savoring restaurant for women travelers.

We ladies will always cherish places during travel. Therefore, do not miss these spots when you explore Asia and Europe together at once.

Overall, it is an honestly safe place to visit, especially for official traversing. Never afford to miss the beauty of Baku, if you ever come across the alluring lands and architectures of this city.

Guest Post from Mark Coblin

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