Palm Jumeirah , UAE

Note that this Palm Jumeirah is artificial in its form archipelago. This archipelago is in the United Arab Emirates. You can find this site right on the Jumeirah coastal area. Its monorail is about, and approximately 5.4 km long and this monorail mainly makes a connection with Atlantis Hotel and Gateway Towers.  The first one residential units opened in the year of 2006. It has become the world largest and most significant artificial island, so are you ready to check it out!

On this Palm Jumeirah, almost 75% amount of families have been currently residing. Total 28 hotels opened over there, and these hotels construction completed by the time of 2009. An article published in 2009 that this palm had been sinking, but all of these claims were rejected by the authorities of Palm Jumeirah.

The makers of Palm Jumeirah told the media that there is not a single structural defect in this island. Now more of residential units are increased on this artificial island. It is a beautiful artificial island, and one should check and see the beauty, extreme spark present in this artificial island.

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