Peak District, England

Note that the Peak District, England is a popular national park which situated or located in central England. Its southern area comprises of steep in form limestone valleys as well as stepping stones. The Southern site of the park has been known by the name of White Peak. On the other hand, this park Dark Pea comprise of dramatic in form gritstone ridges and too moorland plateaus. It’s kinder Scout the highest point of this park.

This Peak District, England has so much diversity in it. It is the first one national park that established in the United Kingdom during the year of 1951. This park is located near to the cities of Manchester and Derby. This park is all characterized by these rounded hills and valleys. Its surrounded area mostly comprise of rural areas. Its more extensive Peak District is entirely and much less defined.

Its Dark Peak area is mostly uninhabited, and on the other hand, its White Peak area comprises of a large number of settlements. This town of Bakewell and rest of the many villages encompass the premises of this national park. National Trust owns 12% of the land of Peak District, England. And Peak district national park authority mainly owns 5% land of this park.

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