Pedra Da Gavea, Brazil

This Pedra Da Gavea, Brazil is a famous monolithic mountain, this mountain is in this Tijuca Forest. Note that this forest is in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This mountain is composed and made of granite and also gneiss. Readers note that this mountain has an elevation of 844 meters or you can say 2,769 ft. It is included in the list of highest mountains and this mountain ends just directly in an ocean.

It was the time of the early 1800s when trails of this Pedra Da Gavea, Brazil was opened to all local farming population. Tijuca national park takes care of this mountain. The meaning of this mountain name is Rock of the Topsail. When the expedition was done in 1501 then this name was given to the subjected mountain site.

It is because of weathering conditions that this mountain looks like a human face. It is due to erosion that human face has been inscribed on this mountain. It is according to the consensus of many archaeologists and many of the scholars in Brazil have stated that this mountain site should not be marked as an archaeological site.

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